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Get an extra 20 gigs of Amazon Cloud space for $0.69.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Amazon has a new cloud storage service that allows you to save your digital life online. The biggest feature here is that you can upload all your music and play it online whenever you want, wherever you want. Amazon gives you 5 gigs for free, but you can […]

The best things come from Amazon.

Lily loves when things come from Amazon. The boxes are extremely fun to climb in and out of and they usually come with paper packing inside! Never mind the toys that may be in there too, we’re mainly just interested in the box.

Wii + Amazon = Disappointment

It’s now 2:45am CST and I’ve been on hitting refresh for the past hour. Still, no Wii’s for sale. There are a lot of angry customers and I’m more disappointed than angry. In their defense, their email did say that they would go on sale the morning of the 19th, but no specific time […]