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You were right, The Office is good.

This one goes out to all my friends who constantly talk about The Office and how good of a show it is. You were right, I was wrong. Christi and I have tried watching The Office in the past and just found it stupid. We couldn’t stand to watch it. Then we started catching re-runs. […]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Kinda Rocks

My wife and I are big fans of Super Mario Galaxy. When we saw that version 2 was out we had to pick it up and quickly became addicted. The game play second is very similar to the first which means we knew what we were doing right away. However, there are lots of new […]

90 Minutes With Super Mario Galaxy

My wife brought home Super Mario Galaxy we spend 90 minutes playing it last night. I have to say that even though Princess got taken again, it’s a phenomenal game. Mario is back in all his glory. The worlds are amazing. You are on round levels that you can literally run all the way around. […]

Now With HD

Over the weekend, our TV came in stock at Target and we were all over that. We now have a nice new high definition TV for watching movies and playing Wii! I didn’t realize that you could get HDTV over the normal airwaves too. I was delighted when I got one HD channel with the […]

From Around The Web : Flock, Seamonkey, Outlook, Idol

I’ve never quite understood why people just leave a list of links to other sites, but now I do. Here is some news that I don’t have time to write about, but wanted to share. A new preview version of Flock, based on Firefox 2, is out with many additional features. Note, it didn’t import […]

We have a Wii, almost.

We will get a Nintendo Wii on Thursday! After weeks of searching, I came up empty handed. However, one of my wife’s co-workers stumbled across one at Toys R Us today. Since she had one, she called Christi to see if we still wanted one. She said yes and now have to wait until tomorrow […]

7 Tips for Finding A Nintendo Wii

Finding a Nintendo Wii can be a bit troublesome. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned on my quest to find one. Be Patient – The chances that you can run out to BestBuy and get one are slim. So be patient. I’ve been looking since November 19th with no luck yet. Be Early […]

Still No Nintendo Wii For Us

We struck out once again when trying to get a Nintendo Wii. We heard Target was getting a shipment today, Sunday, so we got up at 5am and got to Target by 6. Already there were over 30 people in line and some had been there since midnight. At 7 they handed out tickets, however […]

Wii + Amazon = Disappointment

It’s now 2:45am CST and I’ve been on hitting refresh for the past hour. Still, no Wii’s for sale. There are a lot of angry customers and I’m more disappointed than angry. In their defense, their email did say that they would go on sale the morning of the 19th, but no specific time […]

PS3 today Wii Sunday

Well it’s the big day for a lot of gaming fans as Playstation 3 arrives on store shelves. What’s so great about PS3? Why does it cost $500+?! I guess I’m out of the loop on that one. For me and my wife, we are big Nintendo fans and are going to try and get […]