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Over the weekend, our TV came in stock at Target and we were all over that. We now have a nice new high definition TV for watching movies and playing Wii!

I didn’t realize that you could get HDTV over the normal airwaves too. I was delighted when I got one HD channel with the antenna on our house that was probably installed in the 1950s. With a little playing around, I ended up with 8 HD TV channels! One of which is a 24hour local weather channel. Sweet.

What I can’t figure out is that if all the HD channels come from the same area in the Twin Cities, which I hear they do, then why do I only get ABC, NBC, CBS and the CW but I don’t get FOX in HD? I’d re-run my channel detector thing, but I’m afraid of loosing one of my 8 that it already found. Anyone know why this might be or what the trick is to getting more HD channels?

I also have to figure out how to run the antenna cable though the VCR/DVD player and still get the HD channels on TV. That way I can record shows. I fear that my VCR technology is just a bit out of date. 😉

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  1. First of all go to antennaweb to check what HD channels are available in your area. May be 8 HD channels is all that you have.

    If there are more channels available than you can receive, check the HDTV antenna labs guide on the web – you may receive more channels with a proper antenna.

  2. Thomas says:

    I’ve been to antennaweb and that’s where I found all my local channels. One of which is FOX. It has the same location and miles away as ABC, CBS and NBC, but yet I don’t get it.

    I’ll also look into antennas. Thanks.

  3. Daniel says:

    The eight you are getting in your area (the Twin Cities) is because each station is sending out signal in HD (whether full HD or converted to HD). The major networks are in HD as well….some in 720p and others in 1080i. Only a small handful of cable stations including TNT, TBS, ESPN, Discovery HD, etc., are broadcasting in HD. Many more are coming online of course including TWC, Fox and CNN to name a few. We can get TBS here in ATL via regular antenna if desired. 😉

  4. Thomas says:

    Depending on when I tune my TV, I get a different amount of channels. I got FOX for a while the other day but then it went away. 🙁

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