Mario and WiiFinding a Nintendo Wii can be a bit troublesome. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned on my quest to find one.

  1. Be Patient – The chances that you can run out to BestBuy and get one are slim. So be patient. I’ve been looking since November 19th with no luck yet.
  2. Be Early – The lack of supply has raised the demand and stores may only get 20 at a time. Even that number is a bit high. If the store opens at 10, get there at 8:30 or 9. I still see lines today.
  3. Wait in Line – Since stores are only getting a few, you may need to spend an hour or more in line waiting to get one. It’s worth it though if they get enough and you get one. Stores may also come out an hour before the store opens to hand out tickets for Wiis.
  4. Ask For It – Store clerks don’t always fill the shelf, so you should ask for a Wii if you don’t see one as they might have one in back. I’ve also heard of people finding them at the return counter.
  5. Ask About Other Stores – Quite a few stores are linked these days. I know that here in the Twin Cities, one Target can link up to all the Targets in 50+ miles and check inventory. Other stores should be able to do that too. Or at least tell you if all the stores get the same shipment of Wiis.
  6. Check out Forums – There are thousands of people still looking for a Wii and there are forms with people who are posting their findings. You never now, if Walmart in Miami got 30, maybe the Walmart in Madison, WI got them too.
  7. Check Tracker Sites – I’ve had no real luck with these yet, but some sites claim to track shipments and can email, text message or IM you locations of stores that have them in stock as they become available.

I’m not sure if finding a Nintendo Wii will get any easier as January rolls on, but I thought by now they’d be a lot easier to find and they aren’t. I’m searching, watching and waiting. Someday my Wii will come. 😀

What are your tips? I’d love to hear them.