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90 Minutes With Super Mario Galaxy

My wife brought home Super Mario Galaxy we spend 90 minutes playing it last night. I have to say that even though Princess got taken again, it’s a phenomenal game. Mario is back in all his glory. The worlds are amazing. You are on round levels that you can literally run all the way around. […]

7 Tips for Finding A Nintendo Wii

Finding a Nintendo Wii can be a bit troublesome. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned on my quest to find one. Be Patient – The chances that you can run out to BestBuy and get one are slim. So be patient. I’ve been looking since November 19th with no luck yet. Be Early […]

Still No Nintendo Wii For Us

We struck out once again when trying to get a Nintendo Wii. We heard Target was getting a shipment today, Sunday, so we got up at 5am and got to Target by 6. Already there were over 30 people in line and some had been there since midnight. At 7 they handed out tickets, however […]

PS3 today Wii Sunday

Well it’s the big day for a lot of gaming fans as Playstation 3 arrives on store shelves. What’s so great about PS3? Why does it cost $500+?! I guess I’m out of the loop on that one. For me and my wife, we are big Nintendo fans and are going to try and get […]