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The Re-Tooling of

Under ConstructionHere it is, a brand new year and a brand new design is in the works.

Actually, I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now and it’s coming along quite well. I’ve got the blog probably 75% themed with the new design and I’m still wondering what to do with the rest of the site. Part of me wants to pull it all into the /blog/ directory and the other part wants to pull the blog pieces (header, footer, sidebar) out into the rest of the website. However, I’m unsure how to do the latter right now. Thoughts?

The new site will be built on CSS with lots of color, but not to much. It’ll make things easier to find and less cluttered. Or so I hope. I’m even using EMs instead of pixels to define font sizes so hopefully everything looks the same across all screens. Ohh and a big thanks goes out to the Layout Gala for putting so many great CSS layouts online. I used one of these for my starting point.

My goal is to have the new site live by Feburary 1st if not sooner. However, it all depends on what side projects I get distracted with and what kind of time I come up with.

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