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I Love and Hate Snow

SnowflakeTalk about annoying. I’ve been waiting for snow since October. Instead, we get rain or mild temps. Heck it was about 45 yesterday! We even had a brown Christmas.

Then today came. It was raining pretty good all morning while I was out looking for a Nintendo Wii and as soon as I got home, it started to change to snow. A few hours later we had a few inches and it’s coming down hard. We should have a good 6-8 by the time this evening comes along. The bad part is, I don’t want it today!

It’s New Years Eve and we have tickets to spend the evening at a concert with Carrie Underwood. I really want to go and we have both been looking forward to it for months. However the roads are past the point of safe. There is to much snow for my little Ford Focus to fly down the road. I’m keeping up hope that they’ll be cleared and drivable in the next few hours, but I doubt it.

I love the fact that we are finally getting snow, but yet it’s stopping us from going to our first ever, full-blown New Years Eve party.

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