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WordPress Feature – Snow – Just Enable It

One of the lesser known WordPress features is snow. Yep, snow. If you head over to your settings page and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox for snow. Check the box, save changes and check out your site. Snow will now be falling. Oddly enough, it only goes until January 4th and I’ve […]


There’s a blizzard coming?

One nice thing about being a weather geek is you are usually happy when the weather changes. And just today they announced that we were about to go into a blizzard warning! Now that doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately this blizzard is all about wind and not so much snow. We  could get 2-5 inches of snow, […]


Snow Storm In Pictures

Well I asked for it, a real snow storm, and we got one. I’m not sure the exact amount but it’s somewhere over 15 inches. Maybe even 20. Here are a few photos we took this morning. Down the street with the flash on. The snow drift on the deck. View off the deck. Neighbors […]


Awaiting a Snow Storm [update]

Well it’s been hyped all week, the biggest snow storm in years. We’d have 3-5 inches Friday night, up to 8 on Saturday and another 5 or so on Saturday night. Well here it is, Saturday morning at 9:30 and we are just getting our first flakes. I’m skeptical that we’ll get a foot. That’s […]


I Love and Hate Snow

Talk about annoying. I’ve been waiting for snow since October. Instead, we get rain or mild temps. Heck it was about 45 yesterday! We even had a brown Christmas. Then today came. It was raining pretty good all morning while I was out looking for a Nintendo Wii and as soon as I got home, […]


Christmas on a Mac

Talk about your overabundance of holiday spirit. It seems that Mac developers are creating more than a few great holiday apps this year. Here is a quick list of some of my favorites. Sno – This has been around for a while but has nice falling flakes on your screen. MacLampsX – One of my […]