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Snow Day!

Snow days seem few and far between these days, but Lily got one today. Granted, now they’re called distant learning days, but no one does anything except go out and play in the snow. I still had to work, but was able to enjoy the snow on my morning walk and from my home office.

WordPress Feature – Snow – Just Enable It

One of the lesser known WordPress features is snow. Yep, snow. If you head over to your settings page and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox for snow. Check the box, save changes and check out your site. Snow will now be falling. Oddly enough, it only goes until January 4th and I’ve […]

There’s a blizzard coming?

One nice thing about being a weather geek is you are usually happy when the weather changes. And just today they announced that we were about to go into a blizzard warning! Now that doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately this blizzard is all about wind and not so much snow. We  could get 2-5 inches of snow, […]

I like driving on snow covered roads because you can drive anywhere.

The roads are ice and snow-covered and you know what that means? No lines! It’s one of the few times you can swerve into the other lane, then back. Onto the shoulder and back. Over and over again, and no one thinks twice. Since you can’t see the lines, it’s all good! Most of the […]

Snow Storm In Pictures

Well I asked for it, a real snow storm, and we got one. I’m not sure the exact amount but it’s somewhere over 15 inches. Maybe even 20. Here are a few photos we took this morning. Down the street with the flash on. The snow drift on the deck. View off the deck. Neighbors […]

Awaiting a Snow Storm [update]

Well it’s been hyped all week, the biggest snow storm in years. We’d have 3-5 inches Friday night, up to 8 on Saturday and another 5 or so on Saturday night. Well here it is, Saturday morning at 9:30 and we are just getting our first flakes. I’m skeptical that we’ll get a foot. That’s […]

I Love and Hate Snow

Talk about annoying. I’ve been waiting for snow since October. Instead, we get rain or mild temps. Heck it was about 45 yesterday! We even had a brown Christmas. Then today came. It was raining pretty good all morning while I was out looking for a Nintendo Wii and as soon as I got home, […]