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Finally. A good ol Minnesota snow storm!

Christmas lights glowing under the snow.

Christmas lights glowing under the snow.

Snow on the Christmas lights.

Snow storm from our kitchen window.

We’ve been waiting for a good snow storm for over a year now and it finally came! With a foot or so of snow, we’re pretty much guaranteed to have a white Christmas.

This storm is a welcome sight after last winter’s dismal snow fall. We had about 27 inches total last winter and that came in small doses. With a brown Christmas, and few sledding opportunities last season, this season is sure starting off on the right foot!

To make it even better, the storm came on a Sunday and we had nothing to do but sit at home in our pajamas and enjoy the snow. Plus we have a snow blower which works wonderfully!

We’re hoping for more big snow storms like this throughout this winter for sledding and building snow men.

Welcome winter!

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