The Office Team

The Office Team

This one goes out to all my friends who constantly talk about The Office and how good of a show it is. You were right, I was wrong.

Christi and I have tried watching The Office in the past and just found it stupid. We couldn’t stand to watch it.

Then we started catching re-runs. A few shows here or there because there was nothing better on. Then we kinda got hooked.

Turns out, you can stream all seasons to Netflix on Wii so it was extremely easy to start the show from the beginning.

We just started season 4 and Pam and Jim are now dating. Yea! Ohh and we always feel bad for Toby.

I think we watched the first three seasons in a month or two. It’s just so easy with Netflix and Wii. We can’t stop ourselves. We’ll be through season 4 next week probably, depending on what we do this weekend. 🙂

Just as a FYI: Dwight rocks. Most of the time.