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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Kinda Rocks

My wife and I are big fans of Super Mario Galaxy. When we saw that version 2 was out we had to pick it up and quickly became addicted.

The game play second is very similar to the first which means we knew what we were doing right away. However, there are lots of new additions like you can now play as rock Mario or cloud Mario. You can enlist the help of Yoshi too. Who doesn’t love Yoshi?!

Like the original, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has support for two players, however player 2 is just there to support player one. In the new version, player 2 can do more than picking up star pieces and holding off bad guys, they can pick up coins, one-ups and even kill bad guys. It almost feels like cheating.

So far, the worlds seem to have started out harder, however we are working our way though the game. Even better, some stars come with no bad guys defending them so, in some senses, it’s easier.

If you’ve got a Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game and worth buying!

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