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Stairs. We can climb them.

Climbing Up Stairs

Climbing Up Stairs

There isn’t much that Lily can’t do these days. She’s learning things so fast that it’s just amazing.

The other day we set her on the stairs to see if she’s crawl up and she did, no problem.

We’ve tried it a few times and up she goes. She just knows what to do.

The only thing she’s got to figure out is that there is no looking back. We’ve always got someone behind her and in front of her and she has a tendency to look back to ensure someone is there. This usually throws her off-balance a little.

Then, when she gets to the top, she’ll sit down on the edge of the top step as a way of saying “yea, I made it.” However, those steps aren’t big enough to do that and it makes mom and dad nervous.

Now, going down the stairs is a whole different story and something we’ll worry about at a later time.

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