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My Google Business Cards

I just received my free Google business cards in the mail.

Google Business Card

No, I don’t work for Google, but it’s a promotional item for Google’s profile pages. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Ohh and you can see my Google profile here.

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  1. Pretty sweet indeed. Is that only offered to “select” people?

  2. Josh Gard says:

    That’s awesome! I’ve seen other blogs where people have received those as well. I’ve created my own Google profile page, but can’t seem to find anything about ordering business cards. Was this a limited time deal? Or, as the previous commenter asks, was it offered only to select users? Your cards look great!

  3. Thomas says:

    I just logged into my Google profile one day and it said there were business cards available. I’d suggest looking early in the morning as there may be a limited amount per day.

  4. Lynn Koves says:

    I want to create business cards like this…with the google logo on top. Is there any problem with copy writing?

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