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My Sharks Mate A Lot

It’s true. I started with two sharks and now I’m up to 11! To clarify, I got a great application called Fish. I realized I hadn’t tried it out since I got my sweet new machine. It runs so much better than on my previous machine. Fish is a virtual aquarium. It allows me to […]

Browsing with Opera 9 Beta

I’ve recently started checking out Opera 9 Beta I’m not sure why I stumbled across it but I have to say, it’s quite a nice browser. Now I’m a Firefox guy and there are to many good features to pass up, but Opera is pretty slick too. They’ve added support for WYSIWYG editors like those […]

iRows : Web Based Spreadsheets

I searched for a web based Microsoft Excel today and I found iRows. All the basics, none of the bloat or cost!! Today was a snow day and I was told not to come into work but rather work from home. Great idea except I treat my home computer differently than my work computer. For […]