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My Sharks Mate A Lot

It’s true. I started with two sharks and now I’m up to 11!

To clarify, I got a great application called Fish. I realized I hadn’t tried it out since I got my sweet new machine. It runs so much better than on my previous machine.

Fish is a virtual aquarium. It allows me to run an aquarium simulator and add in fish. You can get to choose from a variety of fish, feed the fish, set some physical characteristics, name the fish, choose a setting and you get a free-range camera to watch the fish.

Each fish has their own stats for age, hunger, vitality, and things like that. There are even notifications that say when the fish are trying to bread and get interrupted or rejected and when they successfully lay eggs. Then, of course, in a little while you get baby fish.

Sharks even have the ability to have their colors set so you can make them look like you want. Mine happen to be neon green, red and yellow.

Sad part is that some fish do die. It seems that every time I leave them for a while, I’l come back and one is sleeping at the bottom of the aquarium. Sad.

Over all it’s an excellent application for the Mac and it’s free! I tend to leave it in full screen mode and just enjoy my aquarium when I’m not using my computer. I also set it on AutoFeed so I don’t have to worry about feeding them.

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