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Poseidon at the IMAX

PoseidonOn Saturday we checked out Poseidon, not just at the movie theater but at the IMAX.

IMAX movies are presented on a 3 story tall screen with a six-channel digital sound system that can’t be found anywhere else. It uses film which is 10x larger than standard movie theaters to bring incredible sharpness and clarity to the screen. Everything is so big, you can feel like you’re right there!

The IMAX experience was great. I thought the sound was much better than in a regular movie theater and the picture was great too. I had always wanted to see a hollywood movie in the IMAX screen and this was amazing.

Now, about the movie, Poseidon is a good movie. I tried not to be to excited about it going in, but I did really want to see this movie and it didn’t disappoint. There weren’t to many characters to keep track of, less then a dozen actually. For the most part, the movie just got right into it. Not long into the movie, the ship was upside down!

Then, there was no big love story or anything like that. It was all about survival. Sure, each character had their own story, but it didn’t over shadow the escape. From beginning to end, it didn’t slow down.

I’m not sure if it was the IMAX experience or not, but my wife and I really enjoyed Poseidon. I give it a A- and it’s one of the best movies we’ve seen in a long time; at the theater or rental.

Interesting note: Fergie aka Stacy Ferguson from the Black Eyed Peas is the New Years entertainment on Poseidon. I knew I’d seen her somewhere before.

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