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iRows : Web Based Spreadsheets

I searched for a web based Microsoft Excel today and I found iRows. All the basics, none of the bloat or cost!!

Today was a snow day and I was told not to come into work but rather work from home. Great idea except I treat my home computer differently than my work computer. For one, I didn’t install Microsoft Office.

I’ve had Writely for Word documents for a while now and it’s just amazing. Upload Word files, make edits, export them again and it’s all good. So, I went looking for a web based Excel. That’s when I found iRows.

iRows allows a users to upload Excel files, make edits and export them again among other features. It’s wonderful! Now iRows isn’t as polished as Writely but it works and that’s the main thing I’m concerned with!

Yet another reason to bypass the expensive and complex Microsoft Office and just use free alternatives. 😀

Oh and when will Google by this company? j/k

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