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Entourage 2008 – Quite A Ride

We’ll I’ve been on Entourage 2008 for about three weeks now and the ride has had its ups and downs. I’m happy with Entourage for the most part, but it’s flaws are hard to ignore. Things I love: Projects – Projects are cool in the fact that I can group emails together, file them away, […]


Syncing Google Calendar with Entourage 2008

Since I’ve made the switch from Thunderbird to Entourage 2008, one of my missing features is the ability to sync with Google calendar. I tried using Plaxo, but they sync to your main Google calendar and not any others. This may work well if you only have one Google calendar to sync with, but that […]


Goodbye Thunderbird, Hello Entourage 2008

I’ve been a big fan of Thunderbird for a while now, but I’m moving on. Entourage 2008 is calling my name at work and I’m listening. I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to Thunderbird, but yet excited at the same time. So why the switch? There are a few reasons for my switch to […]