There has been lots of talk online about Writely, iRows and Google Spreadsheet lately that I though I’d take a moment and talk about the Zoho offerings. ZoHo is a company that makes an online word processor , spreadsheet application, polls, to-do lists, chat and more. Most applications are free and are all very good; and not invite only.

ZoHoWriter is basically the same as Writely. It’s a free online word processor that import & export Microsoft Word documents along with many other types of text files, export PDFs and it’s all web based. They deal with documents a little better though with a left hand menu that includes all your documents. All accessible from one screen and they can even open in tabs. Pretty sweet.

ZoHoSheet is a spreadsheet application like iRows or Google’s Spreadsheet. It can create, import and export Microsoft Excel documents and has many more features than Google’s current offerings.

ZoHoPolls & Planner I haven’t done much with but are a good offering. Polls allows you to add polls to your website or blog easily. My only issue with them is they don’t seem customizable enough. I’d rather have the ability to choose my own look and feel when I add it to my site. Planner seems to be the same as most to-do list applications . Nice, but nothing overly special. It does have iCal support though so maybe I just need to play with it more.

ZoHo has other paid programs too. They have Virtual Office, CRM and Challenge.

The main thing all the applications are missing is integration. I’d love to have one area to log into and be able to see my spreadsheets, text documents, to-dos and whatever else I’m signed up for. They say it’s in the works, but I’m still waiting.

Another great thing about ZoHo is they are listening. Shoot them and email and you’ll more than likely hear back in a few hours or days. They are very responsive to suggestions and are happy to hear from you.

Keep your documents online and access them anywhere, share them with friends and enjoy the freedom of a cross platform, multipurpose, free, online office software.

Thanks ZoHo and what’s next?