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Why do phone carriers still charge for text messaging when there are so many free alternatives?

Texting AlternativesI’m not a big texter, but I do get a few each month from others. So I end up paying a few dollars for texts. What I don’t get is why phone carriers charge for texting when so many others give it away for free? I already pay $$ for the phone and service, why do they have to charge me on top of that?

As an alternative, my wife and I usually use Facebook Messenger. I send her pictures and texts all the time. The downside here is that you need to be friends with someone to message them.

We also use Google Voice as their texting is free as well. Can’t do pictures, but we can send and receive texts with anyone. It’s also nice to know I can go online and read and write texts. I don’t have to use the phone.

I can also use Twitter direct messages as a texting system if need be. Plus there is always email which now everyone has synced to their phone and it alerts you just as fast as a text message. Then there is the new iMessage that iOS5 users can use as an alternative to texting. Again, for free.

I just don’t get why phone companies have to charge for sending tiny text messages. I guess it’s another revenue stream but I already feel like I’m getting ripped off from the phone companies that I don’t want to pay them more for what others give away for free.

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  1. Filipe Ferro says:

    I know!!! I feel like I’m the only one who sees that… very strange that this post doesn’t have any comments at all…

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