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extero – a Firefox theme that’s just a little bit different

Works in Firefox 2

I’ve always wanted to create a Firefox theme that was different somehow. I tried a few ideas and nothing quite stuck. Along the way extero was born though. It’s not completely out of the ordinary, but it is a little bit different.

extero Preview

extero Iconsextero starts off with amazing icons thanks to Jonas who gave them away. I think good icons are key to most programs or themes and I think they really polish extero up.

extero has rounded scrollbars, slightly rounded URL and search boxes and calming grays as not to be to over powering.

I also did away with most little arrows and replaced them with dots. I think they add a little elegance to the theme.

Right click menus are black as I wanted them to look like the inside of the browser. For some reason, I think this should be black. The downside is that folder backgrounds are also black, which is good, but come with a pesky white border. I’ll fix that as soon as I find it.

extero Right Click

Then there is the tab bar. I designed it to look like one big tab, and any background tabs fall behind. It’s better to understand in pictures or just by installing it.

extero Tabs

There are a few oddities in extero that make the theme what it is. It’s not completely out in left field but it does try to break out of the box a little.

Take it for a test drive and see what you think. 😀

Feel free to leave feedback in one of the blog posts.

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  1. 6/15/2008

    […] other pieces. I reworked the tabs, the bookmarks, some menus and the the navigation buttons. Taking extero’s icons and leveraging Pixelmator’s menu design, I created much nicer toolbar with icons that […]

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