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Lighting up the night with USB rechargeable led motion sensor lights.

I’ve recently become a big fan of rechargeable led motion sensor lights. I’ve got one at one end of the living room and it lights up the room enough for me not to run into something. I’ve got two on our stairs going to the basement and one on the stairs going upstairs. All I […]

Epic Ice Cream from MilkCow

Found a great ice cream place in Fremont California called MilkCow. I got the Santorini which is soft serve organic ice cream, tropical blue syrup, Oreo crumbles, nuts, and one big piece of cotton candy. I’m not sure if the cotton candy is organic or not, but it was delicious. It tasted way better than fair […]

The Safari Firefox Theme is Beautiful

Have you ever wished that Firefox fit in on the Mac a bit more? Well grab the Safari 9 Firefox theme and you’ll be amazed. The author, DixieCretinSeaman, has created a theme that looks great that you’ll forget you’re in Firefox. It comes with full width tabs, the removal of favicons, a minimized browser interface, cleaned up […]

How to mass remove URLs from Google quickly.

Google indexes everything it finds and sometimes it finds things that it shouldn’t. Google has a nice removal tool that temporarily removes URLs from Google and this is actually really good when you want something out rather quickly. In my experiences, it remove pages from Google Search within 24 hours. The downside to Google’s removal tool is […]

Got Creative Over The Holidays

  I always have good intentions to do something creative, but this year I actually got a few projects done. One is a reversible scarecrow snowman that I my wife saw on Pinterest. It’s about three feet tall and has weathered the weather pretty well so far as it sits outside our front door. The clothes pins […]

Reddit Secret Santa Was Awesome

This year I participated in my first Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out of it, but thought it was worth a try. Turns out, it was great. Now I didn’t get Bill Gates as my secret Santa, but the person who got me made me very happy. They got me […]