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Lily vs the tub & toys.

It’s amazing what little kids find fun, like a plastic storage tub. It’s one of the most fun things we know of! Add in a few toys, and throw them out again, and it’s even better!

Sledding is fun, even if Dad runs Lily into things.

Lily loves to go sledding. We went out earlier this year and she just giggled and wanted to go again. Towards the end of the video, you can see I pushed her into the landscaping. She bounced off and giggled at me. Seems Dad has some issues with avoiding things. Earlier, and sadly not caught […]

Lily and her balloon.

Do you remember how much fun balloons are? They are lots of fun, that is until it gets away and we can’t reach it. Then we need Dad’s help to bring it back down. We keep working on saying please and thank you but Lily hasn’t quite figured them out yet. Maybe one of these days.

Picking up rocks, then tasting them.

Being out on Grandpa’s farm is fun. There are lots of things to see and do and we have fun. Lily decided to help Grandpa by picking up the rocks on his driveway. One by one she was doing well at picking them up and handing them over. Then she found a small one, a bite […]

Feeding The Cows

When we were down on Grandpa and Grandma’s farm, we got to feed the cows. Lily tried, but would rather keep the grass to herself.

Where’s Lily?

Sometimes it’s the simplest things, like a burp rag, that are fun to play with.

Lily turns 1 today!

Time sure does fly. Last year we were having a baby and now we have a 1 year old! Look how tiny Lily was! This is at 7 days old. Then 7 months old. And then 11 months old. With all the growing she’s done in the past year, I can’t imagine what’s around the […]

Why crawl when you can walk?

Over the 4th of July weekend, Lily started walking and she hasn’t looked back. She loves to walk around the house and explore everything. She even walks on the grass and pretty much anyplace we put her down. As for hats, we’re still getting use to them. This is one of the first times she […]

Shake & Shoot: Lily’s Directorial Movie Debut

Lily isn’t even a year yet and she is already making her own movies. Not only is she the star, but she shot the whole movie herself. Check it out! Granted there are still a few things for her to learn, like how to hold the camera steady, but the movie director, and star, in […]

I build block towers, Lily knocks them down.

I love playing with Lily’s blocks and building tall towers. I’ve been doing it for months now and, as it turns out, Lily has been knocking them down for months now too. She love it. I guess that makes us a good combination.