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Lily is not happy with all the bad weather lately.

The past few weeks have been an active weather ones around here. There’s been a lot of ran, storms and even the tornado sirens went off twice! Luckily we haven’t had damage. With all the storms, the boomers keep Lily up at night and that makes her not happy. Actually the storms have been great for teaching […]

Lily’s Christmas Performance

Lily’s daycare had a Christmas party for the families last week. We all got together, ate some food and then the kids performed Christmas songs for us. It was fun seeing how much Lily likes daycare. She was running all around, wasn’t the least bit shy and just enjoyed herself the whole evening. Plus she […]

Lots of Lily videos uploaded.

I finally went though my videos and uploaded 11 videos to YouTube. Some are from the past couple weeks, others may be a few months old. Here are a few of my favorite: Feeding cows on grandpa’s farm Lily’s 2nd Birthday Lily dancing with Lily

It’s a good morning to bounce.

Every morning Lily wakes up with a lot of energy and bounces in her crib. That means she’s a happy little girl and it’s going to be a great day. I wish I could jump on the bed every morning. That looks like fun!

I’m a nerd about my daughter Lily.

At work they created a contest for employees to showcase what they are a nerd about. All you had to do was make a video and one lucky winner would get an iPad 2. So I was wondering what I was a nerd about. There are more than a few topics I could go with […]

Sliding down a pre-shoveled path works great.

Having a nice sliding hill is one thing, but it can be a lot of work to carve out a path. However, we realized that the neighbors had a walking path down the hill that they kept well shoveled. It happened to be a little icy too and was perfect for sledding! It’s great because […]

Do your part to fuel your kids imagination.

The thing I love most about kids is their imagination and creativity. The world is theirs to conquer and they fear nothing. As parents, we should fuel our kids imagination by either playing along and/or doing what we can to help out. VW has a great ad out right now that sums this all up […]