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I’m a nerd about my daughter Lily.

At work they created a contest for employees to showcase what they are a nerd about. All you had to do was make a video and one lucky winner would get an iPad 2.

So I was wondering what I was a nerd about. There are more than a few topics I could go with and I decided to make a video on Lily. She’s been brought into my techy world since day one and we do plenty of nerdy things together.

Out of everything we do, I decided to focus on the photos we take.

I’ve taken over 3000 photos and we even have a daily photo together. I’ve got some amazing shots and some not so hot ones too. Either way, the images are priceless and I felt I was a bit of a nerd for all the photos I take.

Here is the video I made with Stuperflix, QuickTime and iMovie.

If you’re a nerdy dad, or just a nerd in general, join others like you at the Nerdery. We’re always looking for more like us.

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