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Lily is not happy with all the bad weather lately.

The past few weeks have been an active weather ones around here. There’s been a lot of ran, storms and even the tornado sirens went off twice! Luckily we haven’t had damage.

With all the storms, the boomers keep Lily up at night and that makes her not happy.

Actually the storms have been great for teaching her about the weather. She now knows what the tornado sirens sound like and what to do. She knows to yell for mommy and daddy if she’s in her room and then we run downstairs where it’s safe. She understands that if she hears thunder while out playing, it’s time to go inside. Most of all, she knows that mommy and daddy will keep her safe.

The downside of course is that she gets a bit scared if she’s trying to fall asleep. She worries that they’re coming, she worries that they could be bad bad storms again. So, to work around that, she now has sleepy music. When there is thunder outside, we put some sleepy instrumental music on the iPod and let it play. She then focuses on that and falls asleep.

Even now that there is no rain in the forecast, Lily still asks about boomers and if there are any bad bad storms coming. When we say no, she reminisces about the day bad bad storms came and we hand to run downstairs. Her little stories are so much fun to listen to.

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