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2009 Valleyfair Park Hours

Valleyfair opens every day at 10am and closing time varies per day. Check out the park hours image below for specific days and times.

Breakers Bay Construction Wrapping Up is showing that the construction on Breakers Bay is wrapping up nicely. It also show where it’s located in the park. It is much closer to Wild Thing that I had previously thought.

OMG Valleyfair is for Sale!!

Cedar Fair announced that Valleyfair is for sale! I guess Cedar Fair wants to pay down it’s debts and that means putting Valleyfair up for the highest bidder. Granted, I’d love to own it, but I don’t think $100 would cover it. However, even more disturbing news is that Cedar Fair is thinking of selling […]

Soak City Water Park Comes to Valleyfair

New for 2009 is the Soak City water park! Valleyfair is adding a 350,000-gallon wave pool, aka Breakers Bay, with 200 feet of beach!  Imagine that, a nice beach in the Twin Cities!  No diving allowed though as it only goes down 6ft at the deepest. Soak City is about double the size of the previous Valleyfair water park and spans […]

Valleyfair Looses Power

A lightning strike over the weekend may have caused a slow burn in underground power lines. This then took out the power to a large chunk, half, of Valleyfair last night. Riders stuck on rollercoasters had to walk down the lift hill and other riders were helped out of rides also. No injuries were reported […]

Some Good Renegade Photos

-G has recently taken a trip to Valleyfair and shot some nice Renegade photos along with quite a few other rides in the park. Myself, I haven’t made it out to Valleyfair yet, but hopefully at the end of this month. 🙂 Check out -G’s Photos.

Valleyfair and Renegade Open Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, May 12th, Valleyfair opens for the season.  More exciting yet is that Renegade also opens for the first time ever! Renegade boasts a never-before-experienced twisting first drop, a low-to-the-ground high speed S-turn and a high speed station fly-by. Renegade will stand 104 feet tall and will drop 91 feet. It will reach a top […]

Valleyfair Opens May 12th – Summer Hours

The opening of Valleyfair for 2007 is just around the corner. On May 12 the park will be open from 10am – 6pm and starting May 17th, the park will be open daily. For the full daily schedule, see the Valleyfair hours page. Ohh and Whitewater Country Waterpark opens May 26!

View from the Top of Renegade

As more and more boards get nailed on, Valleyfair’s new coaster, Renegade, is taking shape.  See the view from the top of the coaster at the ThemeParkReview forums.

Renegade Coming Along

I took a trip past Valleyfair this weekend and you could see Renegade peeping over the trees. Unfortunately, you can’t see much more. It’s stuck in an area that isn’t viewable from the road so I don’t have any good pictures to share.