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Renegade Construction Photos 11/4/06

I snapped this shot as we zoomed past Valleyfair today. Disregard my wife’s hand. 🙂 You can see parts of Renegade rising above the trees in the background. In the foreground you see Excalibur. We did plan on getting a better shot but didn’t drive back by on the way home.

No Renagade Construction Yet – That I Can See

We drove past Valleyfair to see if we could see any piles of wood or anything happening with Renagade from the road and couldn’t see anything. We took a picture of Excalibur though though to show everyone what we saw. From what I understand the new coaster should be around here somewhere.

Haunt Jaunt 5K – October 14 2006

Strap on your running shoes, Valleyfair is hosting a unique 5k run/walk to benefit Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center. Taking place on October 14th, runners will run a course through Valleyfair ValleySCARE. You can even dress up in costume to make it more fun! Just make sure you are there early as the race […]

Renegade Wooden Rollercoaster – New for 2007

For the first time since 1976, Valleyfair is building a new wooden rollercoaster; Renegade. Renegade stands 104 feet tall with drops of 91 feed. Top speeds are 52 mph and the 2 minute ride will take you 3,113 feet around the track. Two high-performance trains will hold 24 people a piece on each wild ride! […]

Valleyfair Wants Freaky, Scary People for ValleySCARE

Halloween is just around the corner and Valleyfair is introducing ValleySCARE this year. ValleySCARE is an expansion on the Halloween fun Valleyfair usually has in October. Included are a 3D Clown Maze, Vampire Lair, scare zone and much more. Not only can you come and enjoy the fun, but Valleyfair wants you to come work […]

Battle of the Bands, Get Discovered at Valleyfair!

Valleyfair and radio station Drive 105 are looking for the best band around. The Battle of the Bands competition is taking place throughout September. Eight bands will compete, four on September 9th and four on 6th, but only two will continue each night making up the final four. The final competition will be September 23rd […]

St. Thomas Students & Facility Get Reduced Prices

If you attend, or work at, St. Thomas University, you can get discounted Valleyfair admission! It’s only $22.50 for adults down from the regular admission price of $33.95. The St. Thomas Box Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday in Room LL, Murray-Herrick Campus Center. Many other companies and schools also have […]

New Inverted or Wooden Roller Coaster for 2007?

Rumors are flying and people are hoping, but there is no confirmation of a new roller coaster for 2007. Not yet anyway. Some rumors claim that an inverted coaster is coming, others say a wooden coaster is on it’s way. Where would they put it? There seems to be some room around Whitewater Water Park; […]

93X Video Game Challenge Comes to Valleyfair

Get ready for XBox 360 gaming party at Valleyfair. 93X radio station is hosting the event on July 26 & 27th from 5-9pm at the Plaza Patio at Valleyfair. Play the hottest XBox 360 games on one of eight big screen TVs! Master the games yourself, or get a group of 8 together to take […]

Casting Call for the Host Teen Choice Awards at Valleyfair

Calling all 13-19 year olds, here is your chance to be a star and meet the stars.  Valleyfair will be holding a casting call for the Teen Choice Awards.  That’s right you could be a presenter!! The auditions will be held at Valleyfair’s Whitewater Country Waterpark on July 15 & 16th 2006. Saturday, July 15 […]