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Valleyfair income 4th in Cedar Fair Parks in 2005

Out of the Cedar Fair family of amusement parks, Valleyfair’s income came in 4th in 2005 at $36 million.

The 2005 Income List:

  1. Cedar Point $210 million
  2. Knott’s Berry Farm $186 million
  3. Dorney Park $56 million
  4. Valleyfair $36 million
  5. Worlds of Fun $35 million
  6. Geauga Lake $26 million
  7. Michigan’s Adventure $19 million

Knott’s and Cedar Point brought in about 70% of income which is huge. The other parks need to bring in more visitors somehow to help increase their totals. I know that Valleyfair has been adding an exciting new ride about every other year so their total should continue to increase.

Figures from an article in the Toledo Blade.

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