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Dropping Spotlight for Quicksilver

Some people rave and rave about Quicksliver but I haven’t found anything special about until recently. I finally figured out something useful and cool to do with it.

Under 10.3.9, which I still have at work, it acts like Spotlight. It’s an amazingly simple find feature that I bring up with the shortcut Apple+space. It searches mainly Folders, documents and applications and it searchecs fast. I had recently been using Butler to to re-inact Spotlight, but it was much slower.

Quicksilver Screenshot

Some great things about Quicksliver is how it presents search results. The top result shows a nice large icon. Showcasing the beautiful icons that designers work so hard to create. It then lists the secondary choices below it. Ohh it allws me to browser folders in the search results window. Nice.

It also built to look beautiful! With opacity and color settings, it just looks like something great

What I don’t like is I’ve got the clipboard module setup, but I can’t access easily, or it doesn’t tell me how. I’d like a menu icon with a drop down list like Butler has. Also, there is no weather module in the latest versions.

I have to say that for a new user, this application is not user friendly and very confusing. But, once you force yourself to figure it out, it can be quite fun and handy.

Heck, under 10.4.x I’ve even dropped Spotlight for Quicksilver because I like the speed, the large icons and the overall look and feel. I still need Spotlight to search mail and stuff like that, but Quicksilver is my application & folder launcher of choice!

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  1. 4/13/2007

    […] To me, Google Desktop is just another Spotlight. And I have plenty of them with Butler and Quicksliver apps just to name a few. Google Desktop doesn’t give me much more. […]

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