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Renegade Wooden Rollercoaster – New for 2007

For the first time since 1976, Valleyfair is building a new wooden rollercoaster; Renegade.

Renegade stands 104 feet tall with drops of 91 feed. Top speeds are 52 mph and the 2 minute ride will take you 3,113 feet around the track. Two high-performance trains will hold 24 people a piece on each wild ride!

Renegade’s location will be towards the back next to Thunder Canyon. This is a spot that really needs some new attention as not many wonder that far back in the park.

“Guests will experience a two minute adventurous ride including a never-before-experienced twisting first drop, a low-to-the-ground high-speed S-turn and a high-speed station fly-by.” –

With a cowboy theme, Renegade will surely be a hit for Valleyfair. This coaster also marks the latest in Valleyfair’s string of new rides to keep the park fresh and attractive to visitors. I for one, need to visit Valleyfair in 2007!

Checkout Valleyfair’s official site for videos and the ability to ride the ride!

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