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Battle of the Bands, Get Discovered at Valleyfair!

Valleyfair and radio station Drive 105 are looking for the best band around.

The Battle of the Bands competition is taking place throughout September. Eight bands will compete, four on September 9th and four on 6th, but only two will continue each night making up the final four. The final competition will be September 23rd and only one band can walk away the champion.

Winners get 30 hours of studio time, promotional assistance and get to open for the Ike Reilly Assassination on Friday, October 13th during the Halloween Haunt at ValleySCARE.

Regardless, all bands will get to perform in Valleyfair’s Amphitheater and it’s a great event for any upcoming band.

Details and more information available from the Drive 105 website.

Rock On!

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