I don’t know how people do it, but I’ve tried to install Ubuntu (Linux) over a dozen times in Paralles and it doesn’t work. The last time, my iMac ended up with a kernel panic.

I have downloaded Ubuntu 6.06 (99% sure it is the right version), I upgraded my memory so now I have 1.5 gigs, tried many settings and still fail. I tried the latest official version of Parallels plus the new beta. I usually install directly from the iso disk image. It starts up fine, slower than slow though, and I’ve gotten though parts of the install, but never all the way though. About 15% of the OS gets installed then I give up or the iMac did.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until Parallels officially supports Ubuntu before I can try to install it again. I hear of so many other people that can do it, but why can’t I? Is it an iMac thing? 😉

If you’ve gotten it to work, how? What Paralles settings? What’s your machine?

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