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Parallels + Ubuntu = Kernel Panic

I don’t know how people do it, but I’ve tried to install Ubuntu (Linux) over a dozen times in Paralles and it doesn’t work. The last time, my iMac ended up with a kernel panic.

I have downloaded Ubuntu 6.06 (99% sure it is the right version), I upgraded my memory so now I have 1.5 gigs, tried many settings and still fail. I tried the latest official version of Parallels plus the new beta. I usually install directly from the iso disk image. It starts up fine, slower than slow though, and I’ve gotten though parts of the install, but never all the way though. About 15% of the OS gets installed then I give up or the iMac did.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until Parallels officially supports Ubuntu before I can try to install it again. I hear of so many other people that can do it, but why can’t I? Is it an iMac thing? 😉

If you’ve gotten it to work, how? What Paralles settings? What’s your machine?

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  1. Shawn Grimes says:

    I saw this show up in my referers and thought I’d stop and see if I could help you out. Let me ask you, when you first create a new VM in Parallels, what version of Linux are you picking from the drop down box? I chose the 2.6 Kernel option and then just the standard VM configuration and my install went just fine. Maybe try that 2.6 kernel option if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Thomas says:

    I’m pretty sure I tried that. I’ve tried so many times I forget what I’ve tried. 😉 I’ll make sure to give that a go next time. What memory settings did you have?

  3. Shawn Grimes says:


    I just used whatever Parallels dishes out as default. The only thing I added was a custom resolution to my display settings. Everything else was left alone.

  4. I set-up my Ubuntu install the same as Shawn, I selected “Linux” and then “Other Linux kernel 2.6”. One thing I have heard though is that you might run in to problems if you allocate too much memory. I have 376mb and it runs just fine on a MacBook Pro.

    If that doesn’t work, another thing you could do is to check your iso, it’s not unheard of that the isos can get stuffed and make the install crash and burn.

  5. dolo says:

    the EXACT same thing is happening to me. right down to the “15%” percent mark. I’ve tried about 7 times now (i’m losing count). I’m on a Black Macbook 2ghz Core Duo (10.4.8) with 1GB ram. Have tried allocating different amounts of memory – tried installing from both iso and a dvd – nothing works – the installation just get’s so sluggish that everything eventually chokes. It’s never gotten past the 15% mark. the description above is as best as i can describe it – and yes – i chose the 2.6 kernal.

  6. JarJarT says:

    Downloaded the Ubuntu 6.10 iso(.386version), installed it on a VM in Parallels 3188 build. Works fine but can’t get the resolution right, trying to set it for 1440×900 ? Tried terminal commands with no luck. Any ideas ?

  7. Thomas says:

    I gave up on Ubuntu. 🙂

  8. I also got it to crash a number of times when it gots to the network part of the installation. Switching to bridged network instead of shared network during setup did fix it.

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