Daily Photos of Lily & Dad

It all started one day in front of my iMac. I realized I had a cute baby and that the PhotoBooth application could easily take and save a picture of us. So I started taking pictures every day.

We’d take a few minutes every morning, sit in front of the computer and take a picture. I usually take up to 3 pictures a day and then choose the best one. This worked great for a few months until Lily decided she didn’t like sitting there. Then we switched to a digital camera and now take the pictures wherever we are.

These photos have been taken almost every day since Lily was 7 months old and are a great way to watch her grow.

I intend to continue taking pictures and will upload them periodically. The last update was 10/23/10.

Each photo can be clicked to be made bigger and are from youngest to oldest (most recent).