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Kitten Stream

Thanks for tuning in. The kitten stream is over and all kittens have found their forever homes. Until the next time….

Thanks for watching the kitten stream! Can you spot all six kittens?

The stream is live throughout the day. We do turn it off when we are in the room and when we take them out of the room. If it’s not on when you visit, just check back later.

The kittens are foster kittens as part of PetHaven and will be adopted out once they hit about 8 weeks old; or mid July. If you’re interested in one, let Thomas or Christi know.

If you’d like to donate to Pet Haven the funds will be used to rescue cats and dogs and find them good homes.

If you want, feel free to share the stream with family and friends. We’re not publicizing the stream, but it’s also not a secret.