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Fix Your Fonts, Fix Your Browser Problems

For a few weeks I’ve been having strange issues with browsers on my Mac. Firefox couldn’t render Arial properly, Flock had issues rendering fonts in search results, Opera was down right unusable and Camino had issues with Gmail fonts. Safari was just fine however. I tried to Google the answer but got nothing. I thought […]

5 Mac Browsers, Racing To Be The Fastest

June sure is shaping up to be a good month to be a Mac web geek! Every few days there is a new browser being released and they are all the fastest browser on the net. Apple just introduced Safari 4. It has ‘remarkable’ new features as is the world’s fastest web browser according to […]

Fastest Mac Browser Test: Firefox 2, 3 and Safari

Have you checked out  It’s a Mozilla owned site that runs a set of JavaScripts and test out how fast your browser is.  I tried it on my iMac, 1.83 Intel Core Duo with 1.5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, and found Firefox 3 beta 5 to be the fastest browser.  Oddly enough, Firefox […]

The Flavors of Gecko Technology

The number of different applications that use Gecko are ever increasing. What’s Gecko? It’s the rendering engine that powers such programs as Firefox, Thunderbird and many more. I guess it all starts with Netscape back in 1998 and possibly even before that when Netscape decided to make a technology to power their browser. It’s come […]

Correo Mail – Part, Thunderbird & Incomplete

The other day Hawk Wings tipped us off about a new mail application that is coming to the Mac. It’s called Correo and it’s sound like it has a lot of potential. Think of it like Camino, the cousin of Firefox that’s Gecko powered, but Mac pretty. Well Correo is the same thing. Gecko powered […]