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How To Get Google Chrome’s Start Page in Firefox

Since I’ve been playing with Google Chrome, I’ve wanted the start page to be available in Firefox. There are a number of extensions and work arounds, but none that actually work well. That was until I found the Google Toolbar. A new feature in Google Toolbar 5 is Chrome’s start page functionality. Once you install […]


5 Mac Browsers, Racing To Be The Fastest

June sure is shaping up to be a good month to be a Mac web geek! Every few days there is a new browser being released and they are all the fastest browser on the net. Apple just introduced Safari 4. It has ‘remarkable’ new features as is the world’s fastest web browser according to […]


Hello Google Chromium for Mac

We’ve been waiting and waiting for Google Chrome to come out for the Mac and, unfortunately, we have to wait some more. Unless, that is, you are adventurous. If you are, you can download Google Chromium; the development version of Google Chrome for Mac. The good news here is that Google Chromium works pretty well. […]