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Free Custom Ringtones – Really Really

I’m a big fan of custom ringtones however I’m not big enough to have to pay for them. Lucky for me, I just found MyxerTones. MyxerTones allows me to upload an audio file and it sends the song to my phone for free.

This is fantastic as my sister-in-law’s husband and I created a custom ringtone in GarageBand and I had it saved out as an MP3. I tried and tried but couldn’t get it on my phone. After a few seconds with MyxerTones, it was on my phone and set as the default ringtone.

If you just want to get cool ring tones, you can search MyxerTones’ database of songs. I found “Before He Cheats” from Carrie Underwood and set that as my ringtone when the wife calls. 😀

Honestly, I don’t see the catch though. I’ve got two ring tones sent to my phone and paid nothing. Granted, my cell phone company may charge me 10cents per received message, but that’s no where near the $2 or more they charge for ring tones.

I’m loving MyxerTones!

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  1. sean says:

    or just send garageband files to your saved sounds folder using bluetooth, then open your phones saved sounds folder and send that saved sound to your own phine number as a MMS, then, when the MMS is received, as the sound begins playing, click options and “save as ringtone”

  2. Thomas says:

    That didn’t work on my phone for some reason, but it should. 🙂

  3. Chloe says:

    Verizon put some sort of banned on the website above, I used to be able to customized ringtones and send them to my phone but it won’t let me now

  4. Thomas says:

    That sucks! I have Verizon.

  5. Trudy says:

    I am worried as I thought I was getting a free download from Bluebolt Club and replied to the email message which said I had just agreed to pay £4.50 for downloads. I panicked and sent stop back so now I dont have a download. Their telephone number cuts you off after 30 seconds and they send you a link via email for help that doesn’t work.

  6. Mobizaar says:

    You can get a large collection of free ringtones and wallpapers on If you dont find what you want you can even create your own. Completely free, no subsciptions, no hidden fees.

  7. Bob says:

    I totally agree – $0.10 beats $2 any day.
    Although a bit off topic, garage band looks interesting. I might try that and make some of my own ringtones as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. For AT&T customers, we just released a free ringtone application wich can be found at Mobile Fuel

    I hope you like the application!


  9. Jason says:

    i did the whole process of myxer and i got a message from them saying welcome but i never got my sound message so now im like wtf but maybe it was cuz my phone wasn’t listed idk but im starting to get annoyed with them.

  10. Simon Cullen says:

    Myxer never works for me properly. I’m in Australia, so not sure if it’s any different. None of my friends have been able to get Myxer to work for them either!

    I’ve been using a new site called GetUpGo, over at It’s been working great so far. It’s like a social network, kinda like facebook or myspace, where the site rewards you with credits for just being active. You can then spend credits on downloading ringtones, games and even SMS. I’m on there for about 10-20 mins each day and I earn enough credits to download whatever I want, pretty cool setup!

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