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Contact Form Back Online – I didn’t get your email.

It seems that my contact form has been down for an unknown amount of time.  Come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve got any in a really long time. If you’ve tried to contact me in the past weeks, or even months, and never heard from me, that’d be why.  Try re-sending your question.

Sorry about that!!

Thanks for MacManX for tipping me off even if he didn’t now he was doing that. 🙂

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  1. Laurence says:

    Thank you for your iPox Remix theme tutorial, it really helped me! I followed other tutorials, but none of them was as clear and well-explained as yours. I was wondering… is it ok to publish my theme on Mozilla Add-ons if not all the icons in the option menus have been changed? I made the main icons, backgrounds, etc, though. I’ll give you credit, of course, but I wanted to make sure it was ok 😉 I can send you a print screen if it’s not clear.

  2. James says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad that I could unintentionally bring that to your attention, even though I had no idea that it was broken in the first place. ^_-

  3. Brett Bodine says:


    Have you done any work on your themes in order to make them compatible with Firefox 3 yet? I have been working on it and have run into some troubles with certain features, mainly the tabs. For some reason, the tabs do not cross over from FF 2 to FF 3. Other than that, I seem to have gotten most of the changes running smoothly for the upgrade.

    Thanks for your help. By the way, did you ever get your Thunderbird theme working?

    aka: Bodizzle

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