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Riding The Bull

And now it’s time for a weekend update. I was so busy this weekend I didn’t write in my blog. So here it goes. Friday we had the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Both were a lot of fun. They guys and I went downtown to Gameworks, had dinner and drank beers. We even rode the mechanical bull. Ok so my brother and my cousin were great at it, Christi’s brother was ok and I didn’t do so well. I think I’m still sore. We had lots of fun playing games and drinking beer. The only bad part was the air hockey table was broken. Next time Pat. I still challenge you! Saturday I spent the morning recovering and then we did some wedding stuff and pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. We did watch 50 First Dates which is really sad. It’s partly comedy and partly drama. Not what I was expecting but a good movie none the less. We also watched some new National Lampoons movie about college. No not Van Wilder, something newer. It was weird and not the best. Sunday we went shopping for rehearsal clothes for me, some wedding gifts, and wedding stuff in general. Then started to pack for Hawaii! Phew, we did a lot this weekend.

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