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Minneapolis Farmers Market

We went down to the Minneapolis Farmers Market for the first time today and boy is it a zoo. So many people and not enough parking spots. A lot were just hoping the curb and parking on the sidewalk/curb. But we got a spot right way because a nice lady pointed one out to me, after I tried taking hers but she wasn’t leaving yet. Then, once we got in to the free market, it was packed with vendors and shoppers. However, it was fun, it wasn’t chaotic. They had any kind of fruit you could think up and flowers we’ve never seen. They also had lots of clothing, bags, jewelry and other stuff. Don’t forget the cinnamon rolls the size of my head and brats too (not the size of my head). We didn’t buy anything but it was fun being there. I’d suggest you check it out if you like that sort of stuff. The parking is actually under 94, just off 55, in Minneapolis.

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