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Sassy Pissey Pants

Christi took our cat, Sassy, into the vet yesterday for a check up and a shot and she was not happy to be there. We take her to a nice cat clinic, so it’s not like there are dogs barking or anything, but it doesn’t matter. From the moment they walked in the door she was hissing out of her kennel. Once in back, and out of the kennel, she tried to get a way by sneaking off the table, or curling into a ball. Whenever the doctor tried to touch her she’s start growling or hissing. At one point the doctor went to get another person, and protective gloves, because our cat started trying to bite the vet! The gloves protected them from loosing a finger when they gave Sassy a shot. Boy oh boy was she not happy. Then, on the way home, Sassy calmed down and starting meowing pathetically. It was her way of saying sorry and wondering if Christi was still there and if she was safe. At home she was all lovey dovey again.

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