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Wedding & Maui Recap

So I supposed you’d like to hear some about the wedding and Hawaii? Well the wedding was amazing. Our day started out at a chilly 42 degrees but quickly warmed up to the low 70s and that was plenty warm enough. It was sunny and clear and it made the day even better. My bride was so beautiful in her wedding dress and the whole wedding party looked great! Everyone involved was having fun and any issues were very minor. Our wedding went off without a hitch and it was on to the reception. Once again things were great. Our guests arrived and said how beautiful everything was, especially the bride. Our dinner was very delicious and the cake was mmmm mmmm good. Once the dance started people were packing the dance floor and leaving all their worries behind. Everyone was having such a great time that it was hard to leave, but we were so tired. The next morning came quick as we were off to the airport before 6am. 24 long hours later we were in Maui. Maui was so nice. No horrible traffic, no work, no wedding plans, nothing except me and my bride in paradise. We swam in the ocean, went snorkeling, drove with Squeaky (our rental car) on seanic narrow winding mountain roads. Hard part there was it was a two lane road that only fit one car most of the time. So you honked your horn going around corners, passed as slow as possible, and hoped you didn’t meet anyone on the parts that had a mountain to your left and a drop off to to the right. Nerve racking? Yes, but fun all the same. A week in Maui wasn’t enough but coming home was sweet too. We have many pictures which should be up next week (as I misplaced my camera cable) and our Maui memories will never fade. Hay Christi… Remember the whale we saw and the surfing I did. Inside joke! But the fun is not even close to over. We are looking forward to gift opening, getting wedding pictures, hearing stories from the dance, and enjoying our new life together.

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