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LOST – The Final Chapter

LOST - The Final Chapter

Only 18 episodes of LOST remain before all our questions are answered. Is it Ben or Lock who is in charge? Will they ever get their life back? Do they want it? Did Juliet really die? Who is Richard? What does the Dharma Initiative have to do with all this? And so many more.

With the time travel, black smoke, and all around random oddness over the years, it makes me question how this could all end. I’m a little skeptical that LOST can have a satisfying ending, but that’s J.J. Abrams job. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d still be this addicted to the show either but I am. So maybe it’ll have that amazing ending we are all looking for.

So many questions and, hopefully, so many answers coming soon. This is the last season of LOST and I’m ready to know what’s going on!

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