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Thunderbird for eMail. It’s gotta be good right?

Since I’ve had success with Firefox I decided that maybe I need to check out Thunderbird. I had looked at it before, but never seriously used it until today. I decided to switch from Apple’s and check out Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s a hard switch because it’s not the easiest moving from one client to another. Not like web browsing. But I did. So far so good. There is a learning curve, as with anything, but it’s fun at the same time too. I got a few extensions and my mail all imported and working great. I do miss the ‘spell as you type’ feature from Mail but at least there is a spell check when I send. I’m also not as happy with how the signature attaches its self to the very bottom of a message but I’m looking for that fix. However I am very excited for better HTML support and labels! Along with the many extensions that I can install. I’ll stick with it until the end of October, that’s my first goal, and then see what happens from there. If all goes good, it will probably be my work email client until the new Mac OS X comes out.

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