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Firefox and Thunderbird Updates

Mozilla released Firefox Release Candidate 2 today and Thunderbird 0.9! Thunderbird said that none of my extensions would work when I started it up but they all did. Pretty smooth sailing here. I’m hoping they fixed the ‘new mail notification’ icon issue. Half the time it doesn’t show, thus I have no idea I have new mail. Firefox on the other hand was a smooth update from RC1. I found out thought that I had to reinstall the SpellBound spell check extension though. Other than that no issues. Not sure what’s new, but I’m sure something is.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Wait for Thunderbird 1.5 I'm guessing it'll be out this week.

  2. rasha abu rish says:

    I still have a problem deleting attachments and keeping mail. My mail box is expanding daily and I tried an extension that used to somehow delete the attachment but for some reason the size of my mailbox didnt get smaller.

    Any one dound something on this ?


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