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I voted and got a cookie.

I’m so happy that today is election day! That means that the TV ads will go away, the fliers will go away and so will the stupid signs littering the roadways. Whooo Hooo. I went to the local elementary school this morning where they were doing voting. I decided to get in early to beat the crowds. I showed up around 8am and waited in line. The smart little school had cookies, brownies, coffee and pop for sale too. So I got a cookie. MMmm good stuff. It took me about 45 minutes to wait in line and to vote. Ok so I had to register to that added probably 15 minutes in another line. All in all it wasn’t bad at all. People were constant. It wasn’t overly busy but not dead either. I could have been in and out in a half hour if I didn’t have to register. Now I have my cool I Voted sticker on and don’t have to worry about voting later today. So who did I vote for? Well there was no one for sewage council or something like that, not that I blame them, so I left that blank. I also left a lot of blanks when people were running against nobody. If you have no competition then how should you loose? I was disappointed I didn’t get to vote for Mark Kennedy or Patty Wetterling. I guess I’m not in the right area to vote for one of them. Sad. Oh and I did vote for president….. but, like my mom, I’d rater not say.

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