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Mac Attack is Back

It happens a couple times a year and next week will be a big Mac week. Why? MacWorld January 10-14 in San Francisco! The rumor sites are buzzing about all the new possibilities. There is iWork – like Microsoft Office only made by Apple, Asteroid – some audio interface to use with garage band, the headless iMac for less then $500, 5 or 10gig iPod minis and the possible announcement of when Mac OSX 10.4 will be released! These are only a few of the speculated products from Apple. There are also hundreds of other vendors who will show off their new software and hardware too.

However, this year it’s a little more interesting. Apple has begun suing people and sites over leaking trade secrets. I think this is a great idea. Apple can’t keep a jump on the competition if they have no secrets. They have every right to sue and I hope they get their leaks fixed. However, this may drastically reduce the amount of rumors I get seeing as I visit some of these Mac rumor sites almost daily. It’ll be interesting to see if that issue comes up or if Apple can get its trade secrets to stay secrets.

Either way, come next Tuesday is the keynote and we’ll all have some new Apple products or software to ohh and ahh over. 🙂 Until then get your fill of MacRumors.

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