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Smurfs and Archie on TV!!

I was flipping though the channels this morning and what did I see? The original Smurfs on UPN! They are all there from Papa Smurf to Smurfette. Of course I had to stop and watch. Now I’ll have the song in my head all day long. After that came the new Archie. The whole gang is there too, however it’s the 2004 version of the characters, not the original.

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  1. Justin Fencsak says:

    I noticed that the Smurfs were back on network TV after being on cable
    for a while (and still does to this day). Now only if they make more
    Smurf episodes and not Archie stuff!

  2. Sarah says:

    I saw it too. It was so cool. I sat there and watched the smurfs until i went to school. i think it’s so cool that 80s cartoons are coming back on t.v.

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