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One hell of flashlight for about $20 bucks.

I’ve been meaning to get a new flashlight for some time now and I finally went on to Amazon and got one. It arrived today and it’s amazing.

dorcey flashlight

The Dorcy CyberLight has 5 hour runtime, can survive an 8 foot fall and shines 500 ft! It even comes with batteries.

I took it outside and I’m able to shine across our rather large backyard to the neighbor’s house. I can shine it up into the top of our monster trees and even into the street half way down the block!

If it wasn’t for the Amazon reviews, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. It’s very light weight, feels kind of cheap and the bulb is a tiny LED; but it is extremely bright. Just be careful not to shine it in your eyes.

For about $20 bucks, this is one great flashlight to have on hand when the lights go out; or you go out into the woods at night.

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